Making That Right Turn In Albuquerque

Not so long ago, I was online getting my electricity through Texas Energy Savings, trying to pay some bills and trying to plan a family trip to Albuquerque. Me the wife were not particular picky about where we ended up but we knew we needed something for the kids. All they knew about Albuquerque was that it was a place where Bugs Bunny frequently made wrong turns. That was the extent of their knowledge on the region so, after I finished my business, I started doing some research on the place and some pretty incredible areas.

The Albuquerque Aquarium – When you raise kids, you see your share of aquariums and they all start to blur together into a truly unremarkable cloud, which was how I felt until I saw this place. Their facilities were state of the art with some truly dynamic displays that gave us all a closer look at some of the more obscure fish in the sea. We had a blast.

Balloon Museum – Sounds pretty innocuous, right? Wrong! We learned all about hot air balloons from what it takes to pilot one to what goes into the festivals that are held each year for these floating behemoths. There was even a virtual hot air balloon ride we all got to take.

Explora Science Center – I’m no scientist and frankly the kids had to walk me through some of the more involved activities in this fantastic facility but that was okay. Gave us a real good chance to have some fun and get to know one another. I don’t mind handing the torch over to the little ones if we’re communicating, too.

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