Albuquerque New Mexico: A Southwestern Destination for Foodies

Even with a population of over a half a million people, Albuquerque’s ambiance gives it the feeling of a much smaller place. Albuquerque sits at the base of the Sandia Mountains that rise from high desert to lush conifer forests. The mountain is a playground and a tramway shuttles passengers to the top of Sandia Peak at an elevation of 10,378 feet for hiking, mountain biking and picnics in the summer and for excellent snow skiing in the winter.

The city of Albuquerque has endless activities and attractions with many museums. Amusement parks, art galleries, lively nightclubs and is host to the International Balloon Festival where hundreds of these colorful globes take to the sky. Albuquerque is rich in Spanish, Southwestern and Indian culture and it is reflected in the rich and varied cuisine. For the visitor who loves to sample culture through dining, Albuquerque won’t disappoint.

In keeping with its Southwestern heritage, steak houses offer mesquite broiled steaks without equal. Mexican food restaurants are abundant and those who sample the delectable tacos, tamales and enchiladas are hooked for life and a ‘foodie’s visit would not be complete without a meal of Navajo fry bread that is to die for.

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