The Arts of the Southwest: New Mexican Culture

As the meeting point between Native American, Hispanic and cowboy cultures, New Mexico has a lot to offer in terms of the arts. The state is home to three reservations and 19 Indian pueblos, where feast days are celebrated and sacred rituals are honored. In addition to the ceremonies, Native American arts, crafts and foods are readily available. American Indian jewelry, pottery, carvings and weavings can be found in galleries and museums throughout the state.
The Hispanic and Latino heritage is also present in New Mexico, especially in the architecture, traditions and music. Some of the churches in the state date from the Spanish colonial period, and are hosts to celebrations on feast days and midnight masses and luminarias at Christmastime.Confused? Here ‘s a little help . Sacred religious art can be found in churches, museums and elsewhere. The music of New Mexico is heavily influenced by Hispanic and Latino culture as well, with flamenco and mariachi performances accessible in several of the cities.
The cultural heritage of the Wild West era of the 1800′s is also present in New Mexico. Ranches and farms are common in the state, so the cowboy lifestyle is still widespread. The rodeos, the state fair, and the clothing boutiques are all cultural symbols of the proudly individualistic cowherds who once roamed widely through the state.

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