Heaven on Earth: The Golf Courses of Albuquerque

There are a few golf courses in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The first golf course is the Puerto del Sol Golf Course. The Puerto de Sol Golf Course is the only golf course in Albuquerque that has a lighted range on it. All of the fairways of the golf course is lined with trees. The second golf course is Arroyo del Oso Golf Course. The Arroyo del Oso Golf Course is located inside of Bear Canyon. It is not a very hard golf course to play at but it does have a few challenges like large greens and three water-hole obstacles.

The third golf course is the Los Altos Golf Course. The Los Altos Gold Course is geared more for the golfer who only likes to golf during the weekends. This is because a group of four people can play a round is less than four hours. This is great for people who only have a small amount of time that they can play. The fourth golf course is the Ladera Golf Course. The Ladera Golf Course has a large driving tee and four large lakes on the grounds. It is known for its beautiful views of the Sandria Mountains to the east.

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